We host a wide-range of training seminars and workshops. Our training is designed to provide liability and workers’ compensation solutions. Our classroom, online, and extension trainings are free of charge to our members.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Financing School Risks, Best Practices in Athletic Liability, Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Workers’ Compensation Education Code Updates.

The Learning Institute

Learn what you need without limits. Whether in-person or online, we make topics easy to understand and provide actionable advice you can take to your school district and implement immediately. We all have our daily work, families, and responsibilities, so we make trainings available virtually online and publish recorded training events to provide you with the education you are looking for, and the flexibility you need to work into your schedule.


We offer a catalog of workshops and Town Hall Meetings on a regular basis. Our workshops focus on providing our members with best practices and valuable material on subjects that have the greatest influence on risk management claims.

You are encouraged to attend workshops that may be applicable their job classification regardless of which programs they are in with California Schools JPA.

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We own our learning platform and partner with an online training companies to enhance our services, allowing the ability to add courses and tailor to your  needs.

Our online training platform provides the ability to serve as a management and support tool to assist the District with program management, information sharing, loss prevention resources, renewal coordination and much more.


We offer comprehensive onsite training at the request of member districts. We tailor our safety and loss control training to the special requests of our member districts.

Some of our courses include, but are not limited to: AB 1432 Mandated Reporter, Aerial Lifts Training, Back Safety & Safe Lifting, Blood Borne Pathogens, Bus Driver Ergonomics, Bus Driver Safety Hazard Recognition, Bus Driver Safety, Bus Driver Student Management, Cafeteria Worker Safety, Developing a Comprehensive School Safety Plan, Fire Extinguisher Safety, Forklift Training, Workplace Bullying.

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We provide training to help your district or community college save time and money. The best part is that we record our trainings and make them available to you for absolutely free.

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