Student Accident Insurance

Ancillary Coverages for Community College District Members

The California Schools JPA provides accident insurance for students and student athletes for accidents resulting in injuries occurring on District property or during certain off campus activities.

Illnesses are not covered by Student Accident Insurance. The insurance is secondary insurance and pays only those specified medical expenses not covered by the student's own medical insurance. The policy has various coverage limits and is not a substitute for private medical insurance.

To file a claim, K-12 Districts and Community College Districts must report injuries to the California Schools JPA/California Schools Risk Management (CSRM). Please contact a CSRM team member for a copy of the Student Accident/Injury Report and we will provide you with the necessary student insurance forms. It is important to report injuries as soon as possible after an accident, as the insurance has strict claims reporting procedures.

CSJPA SAI Capabilities
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Our Catastrophic Injury Coverage for schools and districts can help seriously injured students and families ease their financial concerns.


Our voluntary participation plans are a low-cost way for parents to provide protection for their children.

Our partnerships with insurance underwriters goes back many years. These long-term relationships give us the trust needed to optimally design our programs to best fit the needs of our schools and students. We have the flexibility needed to address special situations as they arise. 

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