CEO Message

Leadership plays a critical role at the California Schools JPA. We nurture our core values and create a culture necessary to ensure that our school employees are safe, healthy and happy.

This is why the JPA provides premier expertise based on our core principles that continues to guide the vision: to improve access to healthcare and Safety for schools in our community.

Javier Gonzales, Chief Executive Officer

CSRM Mission Statement

Promote student achievement by optimizing financial and human resources of member districts through   high quality risk financing and loss reduction services.

CSEBA Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier provider of quality, cost effective employee benefit programs,
services and resources tailored to the needs of our

More than 35 years and accredited with excellence!

Accredited in the State of California, we continue to provide leadership, education, advocacy and assistance to schools.

The core values that drive what we do


We believe in doing the right thing by behaving honorably and showing consistent adherence to our core values.

Customer Service

We believe in providing personalized service with a positive attitude, caring for each other, and demonstrating great enthusiasm in all we do.

Servant Leadership

We believe in serving one another respectfully, truthfully and honestly.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value and respect the opinions of our fellow team members including ideas that are not our own.


We believe in supporting safe and healthy environments.

Open Communication to All Stakeholders

We believe in actively listening and being clear and honest in our communications.

Fiscal Responsibility

We believe in our responsibility to build and preserve the net assets of the organization to support safety, quality of care and long-term stability.