Safety & Loss Control

Easy access to loss prevention and numerous risk management resources for you as a member, directly from your desktop or by contacting your Risk Services Consultant.

If you wish to sign-up to participate in any of the electronic resources, please contact your California Schools JPA Risk Services Consultant at (909) 763-4900.

General Loss Prevention

Consultation and Risk Assessment Assistance which includes safety, security, disaster preparedness program, human resources, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), cyber risks, Cal/OSHA compliance and more.  Members are assigned a Risk Services Consultant to assist members strategically address root causes of loss, review loss trends and to access the numerous loss prevention resources to address those trends and assist in keeping students and staff safe.

Ancillary Insurance and Support including assistance with insurance placement for unique coverage needs, such as, storage tank coverage (above and underground), flood and earthquake insurance.  California Schools JPA also provides numerous sample agreement templates, guidelines and best practice recommendations to help members avoid assuming unnecessary risks.

Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement processing.  There is never an additional premium charged regardless of the nature of the contract the district is entering into.  Members may request or create Certificates of Insurance using the eCertsonline system.

Members already participating in eCertsonline may access the system here.

Workers’ Compensation Loss Prevention

Cal/OSHA Compliance Assistance including program review, regulatory updates and advise upon receiving a citation from OSHA or an initial notice of an OSHA complaint.

Expert Assistance with the Interactive Process to guide workers’ compensation members through the correct steps with the disabled employee and assist with the communication and documentation.

Cybersecurity Protections

Test for Vulnerabilities —  California Schools JPA helps members by providing a cybersecurity assessment to test members’ systems for vulnerabilities, then provides recommendations for increasing security.

Resources for Cybersecurity —  California Schools JPA provides training, best practices, policy templates and awareness to increase cybersecurity.

When Breaches Occur —  We’ve still got you covered with forensic analysis to uncover how the breach occurred, legal advice on what to do next (notifications, credit monitoring and more), public relations guidance, insurance support for financial losses, expert advice on prevention, and much, much more.

Employment Practices Prevention

Human Resources Hotline for direct access to legal counsel at no cost, for those unique, one-time human resources questions that arise, without fear of the “cash register” ringing for every 15 minutes on the phone.

Employee Handbook Review to verify it complies with current regulations and best practices or help in creating one, in a member does not have one yet is another service available to California Schools JPA members.

Human Resources Assessments and Hiring Practices Review  – Guidance is available to California Schools JPA members to assure members compliance with the law and to best screen applicants.

NASDTEC Clearinghouse is a screening tool to help protect students.  This database assists in identifying potential employees who may have a history of adverse actions and travel across state lines to continue working around students.   It contains information from all 50 states and allows agencies to exchange names of educators whose certificates, licenses, or similar credentials, have been denied, revoked, suspended or otherwise adversely affected.

If you would like more information about any of these free services please contact your California Schools JPA Risk Consultant at (909) 763-4900.

Hazardous Materials Exposure Prevention

Industrial Hygiene/Indoor Air Quality Consultation services to inspect, review, advise and handle the meeting with staff and answer their questions afterward.

Hazardous Materials Consultation including advice on the storage and safe handling of chemicals, annual reporting requirements and permits, regulatory compliance, keeping current on the continually changing regulations, and more.

MSDS online to manage your chemical inventory, print secondary labels, ensure that all staff have easy access from any mobile device to the most current safety data sheets for chemicals, and more.