Employee Benefits Plans

Our mission is to provide the best employee health benefits programs to member districts, colleges and their employees.  Partnering with the California Schools JPA keeps administrative costs down, reduces cost over time and makes benefits more manageable.

At California Schools JPA, we understand the challenges schools face in providing all-inclusive health coverage to employees.  We provide a unique  approach that grants substantial financial benefits to our member districts.  The unique feature of the self-funded program is our ability to set minimum and maximum rate changes each year based on the experience of all participating groups combined.  Initial rates for member groups entering the pool are based on the unique risk characteristics of employee population.

Renewals in subsequent years are based on each district’s claims trends blended with the trends of the California Schools JPA pool in total, and will fall within the minimum and maximum rate changes set by the California Schools JPA. Our shared-risk underwriting model is unique in the industry.  While many purchasing pools offer a one-size-fits-all approach that does not allow the sharing of claims information, California Schools JPA believes in rewarding districts with claims trends below predicted levels, as well as in sharing claims information that can be used to shop and price compare as necessary.

Medical Plans

We offer Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) medical plans, each of which feature a variety of plan design options. The PPO plans allow districts to take advantage of California Schools JPA's unique pricing features and provide employees with the greatest choice in medical care providers. HMO plans allow districts to offer employees a health plan option with lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs, but with less flexibility in choosing a provider.

Kaiser Permanente

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Dental Plans

The California Schools JPA benefits branch, California Schools Employee Benefits Association, CSEBA, has selected Delta Dental as our premier provider of dental insurance for its members.Visit Delta Dental’s website, where you can sign up for an account to review benefits and eligibility information, check claim status, view your ID card and find the average cost of dental services in your area. Go to the SmileWay® Wellness section, where you will find extensive dental health information and can sign up for a free dental health e-newsletter. If you are looking for a dentist,  Delta Dental can help. Use Delta Dental’s online Find a Dentist service to identify and locate a qualified dentist in your area.

Vision Plans

California Schools JPA offers member districts vision coverage through a top rated carrier with a large network of vision care providers. Multiple plans are available to allow member groups to choose the most appropriate balance of benefits and cost. While plan participants can access services via any licensed eye care professional, using network providers will typically reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Supplemental Life & Disability Plans

California Schools JPA offers employer-paid basic life and AD&D insurance through top rated insurance providers that are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure the best plans available are being offered. As with the other benefit offerings, California Schools JPA’s life and AD&D programs are negotiated and renewed by leveraging the buying power of all member groups combined, resulting in lower administrative costs and greater premium stability.

Evidence of good health is required for coverage amounts in excess of the standard offering, as outlined on the tabs located in the back pocket of this brochure.Several levels of employee-paid supplemental life insurance are available to member districts interested in offering additional coverage. Rates are based on the age of the covered individual, and evidence of good health may be required for higher amounts.