Employee Benefits

The California Schools JPA provides solutions to help your organization achieve its health objectives.


CSEBA from California Schools JPA provides dental, health, vision, and life insurance plans to nearly 50 school districts in California, but are most focused on the health and well-being of our members (which include teachers, bus drivers, counselors, aids, therapists, cafeteria workers, administrators, and many others). We provide robust wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs, and enhanced services at no cost to our members and we ensure that districts do not have to hire additional staff to handle benefits management, thus keeping more money for education.

Our mission at CSEBA is to be the premier provider of quality, cost effective employee benefits programs, services and resources tailored to meet the unique needs of our members. As such, we conduct regular wellness challenges and campaigns to promote an overall sense of health and wellbeing among all of our members. We provide the resources to become healthier and maintain health through incentive based wellness programs, workshops, and on-demand health platforms such as Health Advocate. We were the first JPA to create a marketplace of plans so that not only each district’s bargaining group can have their ideal plan; but each individual is able to have their ideal plan.