2020 CSRM Annual Members' Forum Available Online

The 2020 CSRM Annual Members’ Forum is available on-demand—featuring the keynote speaker Dr. Robin Stacia leading a powerful

The 2020 CSRM Annual Members’ Forum is available on-demand—featuring the keynote speaker Dr. Robin Stacia leading a powerful session on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Also available are three general sessions and six breakout sessions with valuable information from dynamic experts.

If you missed any part of the 2020 CSRM Annual Members’ Forum or want to share it with a colleague, you can access the content by going to https://csrm2020.csjpa.org/ and entering the password you received after the event. If you cannot locate the password, please contact csjpa.communications@csjpa.org and we will be happy to send it to you!

2020 CSRM Annual Members’ Forum highlights

Javier Gonzales, CEO of CSRM and CSEBA from California Schools JPA, says in his opening remarks, “In the midst of the pandemic, technology has enabled us to deliver important information straight to your computer. We have a robust line-up of speakers for you today that I am confident you will find of great value. We are also honored to work with a talented group of board members who bring their knowledge and work experience to help make decisions for the greater benefit of the pool.”

Four current board members are featured in the on-demand videos.

Sharon Flores, vice president of the CSRM Board of Directors from Morongo Unified School District, joins in welcoming online participants and notes that the issues covered in the forum will be directly applicable to school districts as they take into account this year’s challenges of a pandemic and civil unrest.

These issues, she says “will result in lasting changes on important issues like health care, economic reform and systematic racism. Our nation is now engaged in conversation about these critical issues. This is a conversation that organizational leaders need to be a part of—even if we are uncomfortable.”

Keynote speaker

Intentional Leadership: Governance Practices that Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Robin Stacia, President and Principal Consultant of Sage Consulting Network

“We’ve gone through a lot this year. And one of the things that has happened is that diversity, equity and inclusion has come to the forefront. It was already there for many of you, and for many of us that have been working in spaces where we are serving people—and you all here are serving the California schools—so you have been engaged in this, but now is the time where we take this work to yet another level.”

Throughout her keynote address, Stacia asks each CSRM member to commit to being a responsible leader and developing a set of actions for both the short and long term.

“Our goal today is to equip all of you—board leaders, members, everyone who is participating—I’m considering you a leader and that you have a capacity to lead and a capacity to engage in leadership practices that advance diversity, equity and inclusion,” she adds.  

Featured board member: Cali Binks, Superintendent, Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint USD

General sessions

Employment Practice With Focus on Civil Rights: Thomas M. Madruga, Senior Partner with Olivarez Madruga Lemieux O’Neill, John Floyd, Senior Partner with Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin, LLP, and Bernadette O’Brien, Partner at Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin, LLP

This session discusses the importance of good employment practice with a focus on current civil rights concerns and best practices. This is a deep dive into layoffs and furloughs, improper documentation, harassment and discrimination, deprivation of civil rights, and wrongful termination.

The panel discussion opens with the recognition that COVID-19 will impact all the major issues in employment law. The three experts in employment law then outline key issues going into the next year or two, with a strong focus on the need for preparing chronological and specific documentation.

Featured board member: Lisa Bailey, Associate Superintendent, Business Services & Economic Development, Chaffey College

Sexual Abuse & Molestation: The Current Impact of AB218: Dennis Popka, Senior Partner with Orrock, Popka, Fortino, Tucker & Dolen

AB218 went into effect on January 1, 2020, extending the statute of limitations for childhood SAM claims, and allowing retroactive claims to be filed. This session reflects on the current impact of AB218 on our school districts.

Popka covers a number of issues dealing with sexual assault and molestation litigation, in particular AB218, as well as what has been recently taking place in the court system.

To help members get through the very difficult process related to AB218, Popka presents a detailed matrix that includes the steps that take place beginning with a report of reasonable suspicion on sexual assault.

Featured board member: Jeffrey Haynes, Director of Risk Management, San Bernardino County USD

Accommodation Meetings & The Interactive Process: Rachel Shaw & Pat Hamblin

Engaging in accommodation meetings and the Interactive Process is critical to helping employees get back to work, but following the process also protects the employer should a claim arise. With questions of returning to work on the forefront of everyone’s mind during the ongoing pandemic, this session also discusses returning to work and the Interactive Process and Accommodation Meetings required as it relates to COVID-19.

Focusing on the effect of COVID-19 and the challenge of managing work from home accommodation requested, Hamblin notes, “This is new for everybody. COVID-19 is not something that is well established. We don’t know how all the rules are going to shake out, but you do need to double check with your already existing personnel rules and regulations,” says Hamblin.

Shaw encourages members to sign up through their website for their full program of training, as well as templates, scripts, medical questionnaires and letters that members can download an immediately start implementing. Throughout the presentation, Shaw shows members what a sample program might be to manage requests to work from home, adding that the program is completely customizable where there are opportunities to make decisions that better fit member organizations.

Featured board member: Bonnie Bilger, Chief Human Resources Officer, Copper Mountain Community College

Breakout sessions

Mental Health and the Effect of Stress and Anxiety on Employees: Ellen Alcalá, Employee Benefits Manager, California Schools JPA

Mental health is always important, but stress and anxiety are at an all-time high for many people right now. This session gives you information on how EAP can be used to augment HR, plus information and resources to help you and your employees cope with the effects of stress and anxiety.

IEP and 504 Plans: Milton Foster III, Esq., Partner at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost, LLP

Distance learning has disrupted life in many ways, but especially for students with IEP and 504 plans. This session discusses current issues with these plans and distance learning.

Crisis Management: Ryan Miller, Managing Partner, Cummings McClorey Davis & Acho, PLC, and Kim Hardcastle, Crisis and Consumer PR Lead, Jackson Spalding

Unfortunately, it is when not if a district will face a crisis, and you need to be prepared. This session discusses investigation information as well as tips and best practices for speaking to the press.

Contractual Risk: John Chino, Area Sr. Vice President, Public Sector, AJ Gallagher, and Denise Simpson, Sr. Account Executive, AJ Gallagher

This session discusses how to mitigate risk with the use of effective contracts.

Cyber Security & Ransomware Risk: Tim Hastings, Director of Consulting Services, Mandiant

With teleworking and distance-learning the current norm, cyber security is more important than ever. From intellectual property risk to the possibility of virtual misconduct, this session discusses practical tips and best practices to ensure your cyber safety.

Community Colleges: The Legislative Info You Need: Kristine E. Kwong, Partner at Musick, Peeler & Garrett, LLP

Community Colleges face very different struggles than K-12 schools and this session directly addresses the Community Colleges with information on Legislative Updates, Title IX, and more.

Remember, you can access the content by going to https://csrm2020.csjpa.org/ and entering the password you received after the conference. Please contact Leana Hardgrave at (909) 763-4918 or lhardgrave@csjpa.org with any questions.